We Give Thanks- A Thanksgiving Poem

Stand still for just a second

Retreat from the rush and the race

Those fleeting things we have fought for

Failing to fill our hearts


Awake from those worries, withering you away

Tend not to the field which will never bear fruit

The hunger of the heart

Cannot be filled by the food of the fields

But by the supper that will satiate the soul


Remember the great gifts that we have been given

The sage silence which speaks in winter’s weather

The new life of spring, a laud of love

The summer sends the sun higher, a season to seek joy

The moon makes vigil in autumn, bearing his light, waiting for the sun’s return.


To a blessed dance, bound and obedient those bodies are

Swinging to a silent song, the oldest sound

But more magnificent is the musician’s song to us men

Who can listen to his laud of love

The sweetest song among the seas and stars


The deep dance of the world

The silent song of the heart

Holds a most heartfelt invitation to his halls

Linger not away any longer

Rather, run to the father’s feast


Glad we are for these great things

Wonders of the world, the sweetness of the seasons

The beauty which invites us to a blissful ballad

That secret song which we have heard

And they all point to one holy thing
Flee from that fruitless field

Abandon worry to the weeds, let it wither

Answer instead to the king who has called you to his court

To the great feast of gratitude and grace

All for which we give thanksgiving



Author- Eric Smoorenburg
Born in California and raised in Colorado, Eric Smoorenburg is a mechanical engineering student. He was a Totus Tuus teacher for the Archdiocese of Denver. He was Homeschooled through the Seton Home Study program and has an AS from the Community College of Aurora. Eric likes to write and go hiking in his free time.