Watchmaker, Tinkerer, or Father?

In the secular society in which we live, unorthodox and heretical views of God begin to creep into our minds. We incorrectly perceive God to be distant and far off in the midsts of our busy days filled with text messages and twitter posts. We must strive to avoid this incorrect view of God. Seeing Him as the “Watchmaker” who builds a watch with precision and great care, but once wound allows it to tick away till the end of time. This view explains things such as the creation of the universe, but make God removed and uninterested in the daily affairs of His children.

A more common and comfortable view, but still not quite right, is God as the “Great Tinkerer,” or as the “Problem Solver”. We can think of Him as an engineer who creates a one of a kind machine, which is you. Usually, when you make a custom machine you are bound to have imperfection and bugs, mistakes that require the constant attention of the engineer. When our lives’ get difficult and stressful we reach out to our great creator, as we should, to help us through our struggles. The issue stems from using prayer as a form of tech support. Only reaching out when there is an issue, but not taking the time to say hello to your Father.

As a Catholic, we are very familiar with God as the Father, Creator of all visible and invisible things. The father works as a perfect explanation of the nature of God, as a creator, a protector, and someone who loves you unconditionally. We must remember to foster our relationship with our Father, and not to reach out to him only when we need help. He wants us to be in a fruitful relationship with Him, for He loves us actively and completely.

Author: Timothy Roemer

Tim has his B.S. and M.S. in mechanical engineering and currently works as a product engineer. He is also pursuing a Masters in Theology. Tim has worked as a youth minister and a high school engineering/ physics teacher before becoming a full-time engineer. Tim lives with his wife and their dog Basil in Concord, NH.