To Promote Faith and Science

Answering the call of the New Evangelization by educating Catholics and the public about the true relationship between faith and science.

Networking and Community

Creating a community of Catholics who work in STEM fields with a goal of growing in their relationship with Christ.

Educational and Outreach Resources

Catholic Engineers will work to provide resources to promote faith and science to local parishes and schools.

Our Mission

Our mission at Catholic Engineers is to promote faith and science while demonstrating the relationship between faith and reason. We desire to educate Catholics, both lay and religious, on topics related to science and religion while revealing the errors of scientism. We aim to be a resource for the Church by supporting Catholics in STEM fields (both in industry and academia), providing networking and community opportunities to strengthen their relationship with God.

Our Logo

The Catholic Engineers' logo is based on the Papal Tiara. This headpiece was once worn be various Popes prior to Vatican II. The three "crowns" represent the Pontiff's authority as Universal Pastor (top), Universal Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction (middle), and his Temporal Power (bottom). This symbol is in the Vatican coat of arms and was chosen to represent a commitment to Catholic Tradition.
The logo was then designed to look like an engineering drawing, showing dimension and various types of lines. This aspect demonstrates our commitment to the discipline of engineering as well as all STEM fields.
The primary color of blue was chosen to represent the Blessed Virgin Mary. May she continuously pray for the salvation of all souls. We offer the fruits of this ministry to her, as she will present them to her most holy son.
The quotes at the bottom, "Fides et Scientia," is Latin for "Faith and Science." This statement is at the core of our mission.

Meet the Team

Meet the founder of Catholic Engineers and his team. Learn about what motivated the creation of Catholic Engineers.