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Campus Ministry

Host Catholic Engineers at your college or university campus. 


Youth Ministry

Host Catholic Engineers at your parish.


Keynote Speaker

Invite Catholic Engineers to come and speak at an event or conference. 


"Tim is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker with an excellent understanding of the roles that faith and science play in society and in our lives. Instead of simply coming to preach a message, Tim (and Catholic Engineers in general) seeks to start a conversation about the possibility of a world (which includes our Church) where faith and science complement each other!  Tim is professional, punctual and a pleasure to have as a guest presenter."- Ryan  Cornelissen, UNH Campus Minister


"Tim Roemer, founder of Catholic Engineers, came to speak at my parish's youth group on Faith and Science, during a series on Doubt. Teens today, and truthfully most of us, are confused regarding how our reliance on science fits within the Christian faith. Tim shed light into this cloudy topic through opening up the true purposes behind faith and science with relatable illustrations and engaging activities."    -Haley Seward, Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation and Youth Ministry at Christ the King Parish



  • Faith Vs. Science
  • Scientism
  • Science & the New Evangelization
  • Famous Catholic Scientists
  • Science and Miracles
  • Galileo & The Church

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