Meet the Team

Catholic Engineers is a small New Hampshire-based ministry. Our team loves our Catholic Faith and wishes to share it with the World.


Timothy Roemer

Founder & CEO

Tim has his B.S. and M.S. in mechanical engineering and currently works as a product engineer. Tim has worked as a youth minister and a high school STEM teacher before becoming a full-time engineer. Tim and his wife Olivia recently became proud parents to their beautiful daughter, Lucia.

[Photo by Matthew Lomanno]


Olivia Roemer

Content Editor

Olivia has her B.A. in therapeutic recreation and is working part-time as a gymnastics coach. She enjoys her time at home with her beautiful daughter, Lucia.


What we're all about

We call all lovers of science, technology, math, physics, programming, the environment. We promote all STEM fields whether you are a technician, IT progressional, a doctor, a mechanic, a nurse, an engineer, or just a geek. All Catholics are more than welcome here at Catholic Engineers! Please share us with your friends and family.

Why Engineering

1. I'm a mechanical engineer with a B.S. and M.S. in mechanical engineering.
2. When we think of some of the "big science" fields (like biology or physics), it's easy to relate them to religion because of their focus on the natural world and creation. It's harder to relate a car or other man-made device to God. My goal is to begin to close the gap between man's creation and the creation of our Lord.
3. In college, I found that most of my peers in the Catholic Student Organization were engineers. I wanted to bring together like-minded Catholics to help fight scientism and to build community in our growing secular world.

Next Steps...

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