May people believe that the Catholic Church is "anti-science". Learn about and share the great scientific achievements of Catholics throughout history.

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Patron Saints

As Catholics, we have all the Angels and Saints in Heaven to pray for us. Learn about the different patron saints of science and engineering.

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A Modern Day Heresy

The modern day heresy of Scientism holds that the "scientific method" is the only means of discovering truth.

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Check out the recent event, media, and publications related to Catholic Engineers!

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Why Catholic Engineers

In response to Pope Saint John Paul II's call to the New Evangelisation, Catholic Engineers was created in December 2014 to demonstrate that science and faith are complementary and not at odds with one another. This fruitful community provides support to Catholics in both industry and academia. In the end, science and theology are two sides of the same coin, as both value truth and understanding.

This page isn't just for engineers, but any God fearing person who loves science, technology, engineering, or math. If you're Catholic and think faith and science lead to a deeper understanding of God's Truth then you found the right place.

God bless and spread the Good News!


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